Over time, the number of sports channels has increased. With more and more broadcasts, tennis bets come in second only to football bets.

  • It is very easy to explain this fact – many players bet on tennis on what they can see in the broadcast or what they know well enough because they tend to watch this sport on television.

There are regular tennis matches. Tennis matches can be played almost every day. In the end, the tennis season is still a long way off and will only last two weeks at the end of the year. You will always find the necessary events for yourself, which you will always receive.


When analyzing an upcoming tennis match Pay attention to the following key points: Player shape. the surface of the field and player motivation


This indicator is an important point when analyzing online tennis betting. Determine if a tennis player is in a minor recession or a crisis. The statistics of these athletes’ previous matches at Parimatch will help you with this. Estimate the last three to four games of each opponent. Check out the latest official news and interviews with the players themselves or their coaches.


The next important factor is coverage. There are 4 types of such coatings: hard floors, carpet and grass.

  • When analyzing tennis bets It is necessary to take into account such an indicator as the rebound of coverage.

Where there is a lawn The bounce is low and fast. on such surface A strong serve tennis player has an advantage and demonstrates the game in a dynamic manner. Players from the UK and Australia tend to do their best on the grass.

On the ground, the ball bounces high and moves slowly. The tennis tournament on these courts was slow going. with a long gathering The Spaniards and the French had an advantage in such courts.

Hard has an average ball bounce rate between grass and clay.


This factor can play a decisive role in a tennis player’s victory. Because both players are equally professional.

  • Home games with the support of the audience greatly increase the motivation.

In addition, when there is a prize money and the opportunity to increase the position of tennis players in the rankings We can judge the motivation of the players. Often the hostility between players in the fight to get to the final tournament also speaks to motivation. You have to take all this into account. There is one consistency when experienced players mix games in smaller tournaments. Because his job is to receive prizes for participating in competitions. Be careful during this time!


Many people are familiar with the concept of gambling. Parimatch, which means it is difficult for a high score player to beat an opponent with a lower score. And it seems easy to other top players, but this is not, which may depend on the style of serving. tennis player playing style an opponent who is left-handed or right-handed, etc.

There are such rates in tennis:

  • bet to win

The most common bet among bookmakers is gambling. Parimatch, its meaning is clear even to a schoolboy: guess the winner – victory is yours. This bet has low margin and high limit.

  • Handicap bets

Here you have to guess how many points one player will beat the other. There are negative and positive disabilities. The first is placed on the favorites and the second above the outsiders. For example, betting on some player’s victory with -1.5 handicap – requires that this player win at least 2 different points.

  • All bets

Refers to the total number of games a tennis player will play in a set. There are a number of settings. And you can specify a total that is less than or greater than this number.

  • Bet on the outcome of the game

Place bets on specific accounts for the series played, e.g. 2-0, 3-1, etc.


From all of the above we can conclude that tennis bets are very common and there are a number of factors that you need to consider in order to be among the black. Remember that professionalism comes with experience. So only personal practice will give you the results you want.

  • Watch broadcasts more often. do your analysis then make a bet intentional parimatch maybe luck didn’t take long.

You can earn huge profits if you choose the right strategy for competent analysis.