Table tennis overview

Table tennis is a game based on throwing the ball with rackets over the net on the table on the opponent’s field. He, in turn, must reflect the blow and throw the ball to the opposite side so that it flies over the net and touches the table.

Who serves first? Determines the draw. After two innings in a row, the right to do this passes to the opponent. The first person to score 11 points wins. The game is played using 1 table, between two opponents. At the same time, 2 couples can participate in the game.

Table tennis betting

In this sport, bets can be placed on various events, in particular on:

  • who will win in one set or in the whole match;
  • the difference in points between the opponent in a match or set;
  • accurate score for sets;
  • the exact number of sets;
  • total sets;
  • total points in a match or game;
  • total points of a particular player in a set or match;
  • even or odd number of points.

On average, a match lasts no more than 20 minutes, it takes about 4-8 seconds to draw a point.
Experienced bettors at bookmakers give the following recommendations to those who wish to bet on events in this sport:

  • given that the game is very dynamic, it is a great option for players who like to bet in live mode. For this reason, the coefficients can jump quite often, and with a decent amplitude. A handicap of 5-6 points can be reduced to 1-2 in a set and played back literally within a minute. For this reason, you need to be able to quickly navigate the situation and also make decisions. In this case, it is desirable to develop your own strategy;
  • given that after 2 innings it goes to the opponent, it is not worth considering it when making a forecast, for the reason that none of the players or teams receives any advantages in such a situation. At the same time, the manner of playing opponents is important;
  • depending on the regulations and the status of the tournament, matches can consist of 5-7 sets, so 4-3 winning sets ensure victory in the entire match. This point must be taken into account when making a forecast.

Suggested Tournaments

Today, the most famous and used tennis games are:

  • world championship;
  • Olympic competitions;
  • world cup
  • world tour;
  • European championship;
  • Europe Top-12;
  • Asian Tennis Championship;
  • Games of Asia.


Live Table Tennis Betting

To do this, you need to switch to live betting mode. The interface is intuitive, so it will not be difficult for anyone to figure out what to do. In addition, in the live betting section, you can see the broadcast of the event in real time. This makes it much easier for players to make decisions. All changes are shown using special markers. Margin or fee to the bookmaker for services does not exceed 11%.

Bonuses for bets

The bookmaker has a number of different incentives, including bonuses. The first of them is provided for replenishment of the account. When replenishing the account with a maximum of 20 dollars, the player receives a bonus of 40 dollars. In this case, the size of the wagering amount is the amount of replenishment multiplied by 20. It will be equal to $ 800.

Also, the player will receive a $25 welcome bonus just for registering and creating an account with the bookmaker. To receive a bonus, you need to contact the support service of the gambling establishment.

Parimatch also has a loyalty program. Any dollar bet brings the player 1 point. Their accumulation provides an increase in the status of the player, the growth of his rating. This, in turn, provides an improvement in the conditions for using the services of a gambling establishment. The margin decreases, and other types of fees for using the services of Pari Match, etc.

Table tennis betting strategies

There are many winning betting strategies for table tennis events. The player can develop his own, which brings him good income, allows him to constantly be in the black. There are already proven and well-proven in practice, which are actively used by experienced players. There are 3 of them. We will introduce you to online table tennis betting strategies.

  • At the end of the party

It is profitable to place bets on PariMatch table tennis on your favorite in the next match if the following conditions are met. Favorite already has 10 points. Only 1 is needed to win. An outsider has only 7 or less points in the piggy bank. Thus, the outsider is guaranteed to give up one game, because in order to pick up everything he needs to win, he needs to make a lot of effort, so he will get tired. At the same time, psychological pressure will also be exerted on him – the difficulties of achieving victory, i.e. the chances that he will give away the winnings in half are equal to 100%.

  • For total
  • On the losing favorite

At the same time, it is not profitable to bet in Live mode on events in table tennis in the long run, for the reason that the margin of the office can level the winnings.


Table Tennis Betting Tips

When betting on events in table tennis there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee of winning. Therefore, any bet is a risk. As practice shows, the probability of guessing the outcome in an event with odds of 1.3 or 2 is almost the same and amounts to 50%. Given all of the above, the rate should not exceed more than 2% of your bank. This will allow you to play the game over a long distance and consistently make a profit. In no case do not go to Vabank.

Do not rely on a guaranteed victory of the favorite. He may well lose. There were times when he lost even at odds of 1.1. If you are sure of his victory, it is better to bet on a handicap in favor of the favorite.

It is not worth risking with express trains.

Always play with a cool head and bet no more than the pot you have allocated. This will allow you to control the game and stop in time.

If you have chosen one strategy, do not deviate from it. This is what will allow you to consistently receive income. If you retreat from it, you can quickly lose everything.

You can not succumb to emotions, excitement. They distort reality, worsen the mental activity of a person, reduce the ability to analyze and make well-thought-out decisions.

Keep your finger on the pulse, always be aware of events and check the information or data you receive if you doubt it. This will allow you to make the right decisions, make the most accurate predictions. Naturally, in this case, you will win more often and receive good income.


How to withdraw funds from BC Pari Match to a bank card?

To do this, you need to apply for a withdrawal. The system performs analysis, provides control and complete security of each transaction. The withdrawal is carried out within 3 banking days maximum. After the transaction is verified, the funds are credited to your account.

What needs to be done in order to replenish an account in BC Pari Match through the terminal?

To do this, go to the terminal and press the key with the BC logo. After that, a window will appear. It will need to indicate the account number in your account in Pari Match. Next, indicate the amount of replenishment of the account and enter the money into the coin acceptor. When the amount sufficient for replenishment is sent to the coin acceptor, click on the “pay” button.

How to place a bet in PariMatch?

To place a bet on a particular event in a bookmaker, you need to go to the official table tennis betting site and register. To do this, in an open form, you will need to indicate your personal phone number, full name, email address. After that, a personal account will be opened for you, and you will be able to replenish your gaming account using special services of the bookmaker. You can raise funds in a variety of ways. After replenishing the account, it will be possible to place bets.