The handmaid is licensed under Curacao and still has licenses in Belarus, Cyprus, Kazakhstan and Russia, while Parimatch Falls under the category of the largest Ukrainian bookmaker Parimatch Thailand is popular. New among gamblers and gamblers in Thailand

Parimatch’s operating offices are located in Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and Russia and operate about 400 betting shops in Eastern Europe. The best thing about betting money in the Parimatch mobile app is that its average rate is 95%+ and in the English Premier League this payout rate can be as high as 96%+. However, you may find rates 93% or lower. at smaller leagues such as Israel or Iceland, higher divisions


The operator is known for offering over 30,000 pre-season events per month from more than 25 different sports. If you are a cricket fan look no further than Parimatch Mobile app as it covers cricket matches. Major and small including the Thailand Premier League and Bash Bash League.

Parimatch Mobile Version also has some different markets such as Sixes Series Matches, Series Scorer and Most Outs. In this type of markets you can bet your money on the number of Sixes and Run-Offs in the match.

If you are not interested in investing your money in cricket, try other sports including combat, ice hockey and UFC. To make betting more attractive, bookmakers also gamblers to try their luck. In political bets, football wins and special bets such as ‘Humans to find water on Mars by 2022’

When it comes to live betting, Parimatch APK offers 93% average payouts with different odds depending on the size of the league. Every IPL, FOOTBAL and BIG BASH matches there are more than 50 alternative bets in the platform. this amazing While cricket fans can bet their money on team career chances, first innings and all football lovers can use their betting skills in Asian handicap corners.

If you love to bet your money on live matches while watching on your television, Parimatch is a great app for you. So, if you’re at home, you can view live matches and bets by downloading the Parimatch app on your phone. The accepted time is seven seconds on this betting platform. But the quick bet feature will help you place your bets faster.

So whether you are a cricket fan, a football lover, like to place your bets on live matches, use your Android device or want to bet on your iOS device, Parimatch has something for everyone. When it comes to payment methods, Bookmaker provides a wide range of payment methods including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, Neteller, Skrill, Muarbetter, EcoBanq, etc.

Unlike other betting applications, Parimatch believes in providing quick customer service. In simpler words, you can contact Parimatch customer service via phone, live chat, Viber and email. The best thing is that Bookmaker doesn’t put you in line and answers your questions as quickly as possible.


Instead of searching for Parimatch Mobile app for your Android phone on Play Store, you have to type ‘Download Parimatch app for Android’ on Google. It will take you to the official Parimatch website where you can download the . apk from the home page of the website.

Parimatch Android app mimics the official Parimatch website, meaning you can bet your money on different sports including hockey, soccer, tennis, cricket etc. Please stick with us for app download and install on android app. yours


While playing casino games of betting your money on different sports events you need Android version 4.3 or higher. If you are iPhone user make sure you have iOS version 9 or higher to Enjoy all the features of the Parimatch iOS app.

We also recommend using 4G internet to enjoy all betting services smoothly. You can also access casino games and betting services on 3G internet, but it will load slower than 4G. We also mentioned some handsets that are compatible with mobile play. Please find them below.

  • HTC smartphones
  • Sony Xperia Play
  • Samsung tab
  • OnePlus smartphones
  • Huawei smart phone
  • Samsung Galaxy S Series
  • Motorola Smartphone


There are many mobile devices you can enjoy with the Parimatch app, please make sure your device meets the system requirements we have mentioned above.


You can easily download and install the Parimatch app on your Android device by following the steps below.

  • Step 1 . Visit the operator’s official website.
  • Step 2 . Click on the Download Application button.
  • Step 3. Before installing the app on your phone, you need to make a few changes to your settings. Please allow installation of applications from unfamiliar sources.
  • Step 4 . Start installing the Parimatch application on your phone and wait for it to finish. Then start playing in the app.

To enjoy all the services you need to register yourself by clicking on the ‘Register’ button, enter your basic details such as name, address and DOB to create an account.


If you are an Apple user and keep an Apple device like iPad or iPhone, Parimatch iOS app will do it for you. Parimatch iOS app design and layout mimics Android app, meaning that there is no difference between Android and iOS app and you You can bet your money on your favorite games in both apps.

It is easier to find iOS apps than Android apps because they are available in the App Store. The best part is that the app also supports multiple languages ​​including Ukrainian, African, English, Armenian, Russian, etc.

The iOS version of Parimatch Mobile app is one of the best apps in the App Store as you can easily enjoy betting on different games. You can also bookmark your favorite events so the app can notify you before the event starts.


The good news for live betting fans is that you can watch live matches in this app and bet on match matches simultaneously. So if you are looking for a safe and great platform for betting and casino games, look no further than Parimatch iOS app.


There are two types of bets available on Parimatch:

  • Pre-match betting  Through pre-match betting, you can bet your money on a specific team or player before the start of the match. You can also place your bets on various game events such as the most Sixes in the Series Scorer matches, etc.
  • Multiple bets  Through multiple betting options, you can create bet slips with multiple sports events. Generally, multiple bets come with higher odds than single bets.


Parimatch App has many amazing features and players can access different types of betting markets in the app. Please find these amazing features and bet types below.


The Live Statistics feature in Parimatch paints a true picture of the match in front of you. Through this feature, you can easily assume the number of players playing in a specific tournament. This feature provides all the game information in real time at your fingertips. You can easily judge the matches, quickly determine the outcome through this amazing feature.


Push notifications update you in real time about a specific match or competition. So whether you want to know live scores or stay updated on sports insights by turning on push notifications in the app will keep you informed of every event.


Through live streaming options, Punters can access a live feed of sporting events from the comfort of their homes. It gives you the best first-class experience by letting everything work on your phone screen. To access live streaming on Parimatch mobile app you need to top up your balance and you can enjoy it for free.


If you are a fan of virtual Espors, downloading the Parimatch Android app allows you to explore a wide range of virtual sports betting options. You can enjoy virtual motorbike racing, greyhound racing, basketball, horse racing and more using Betrader and Goldenrace.


If you are looking for a platform where you can enjoy real exciting gambling like Vegas Casino, Parimatch APK is a good choice for you not only for betting but Parimatch app is known for. Offering casino games to gamblers all over the world. The bookmaker also allows you to reap the benefits of live casino games from your comfort zone.


Download the Parimatch app for Android offers its users a generous welcome bonus and regular promotions. As soon as you create an account and fund your wallet bets, immediately credit the registration bonus to your account. Please check the wagering requirements before making your first deposit in the app.


Cash out is one of the most popular features in sports betting. Through this feature you can claim the profit in advance i.e. the bet will come in or get the stake again if the wind blows against you. If you are laying in the app download Parimatch Mobile Cash-out is a great option for you.

Gamblers can withdraw money in real time on their current bets based on live market rates. The gambler presses the cash out button available in the app to withdraw money from his money.



While online betting is becoming very popular among day-to-day gamblers, it is not always easy to choose the perfect website or betting app to bet your money on your favorite sport. To check if your bet is placed on a specific website, check out the following about the operator:

  • License for gambling games and gambling
  • Urgent customer support
  • Various games to bet
  • Live streaming
  • Casino games

While you should do a thorough research before registering on any betting site, you can easily check whether or not to sign in the betting app considering the points mentioned above. However, Parimatch comes with that feature. All the essentials a gambler can ask for. Now that you know everything about Parimatch, start betting your bets by visiting the operator’s official website today.